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In the dynamic world of web3, the right partnerships are gold. We're excited to introduce our collaboration with the leader in the web3 employment sector, who’s been at the forefront of connecting exceptional talent with top career opportunities in the crypto space since 2017.

Making an Impact in the Web3 Job Market

CryptoJobsList has consistently led the way in web3 employment, bridging the gap between top talents and the industry’s transformative projects. 

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Raman Shalupau, CryptoJobsList goes beyond being a mere job portal. Operating from its hub in Singapore, CryptoJobsList's influence is global, offering a panoramic view of the web3 job market.

Why CryptoJobsList Stands Out?

  • Expansive Network: CryptoJobsList hosts tens of thousands of job listings, featuring roles at renowned entities like Ethereum Foundation and Chainlink.
  • Diverse Opportunities: The platform caters to a wide range of professionals, from blockchain developers to marketing specialists, offering an unparalleled variety of web3 career opportunities.
  • Industry Insights: CryptoJobsList provides detailed insights, including job-specific salary ranges across different regions, aiding candidates in informed decision-making.

Poolside x CryptoJobsList

Under this partnership, Poolside community members enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on the first 5 job ads posted on CryptoJobsList. This discount is additional to the existing package discounts for multiple job ads. 

It's a golden opportunity for Poolside innovators to tap into world-class expertise and expand their reach in the web3 domain. Whether you’re seeking top talent or making a career move, CryptoJobsList is your go-to web3 platform.

See the full list of our partners and their offer for Poolside community here.

About CryptoJobsList
CryptoJobsList stands at the forefront of web3 employment, bridging the gap between innovative crypto projects and top-tier talent. Through the extensive contact network, CryptoJobsList offers a diverse range of opportunities in blockchain development, marketing, and beyond. With a commitment to nurturing the decentralized economy through meaningful job connections, CryptoJobsList is the go-to hub for professionals seeking web3 career opportunities and industry insights.
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About Poolside
Poolside is an ecosystem designed exclusively for web3 builders. With its suite of services and expert resources, Poolside helps web3 projects make a splash in the rapidly evolving world of web3. In addition to being a physical hub at the heart of the web3 district in Lisbon, Poolside also hosts a remote accelerator program that takes selected projects from ideation to market launch, while providing initial funding of up to $100,000. The Poolside ecosystem is rapidly expanding with key partners and a growing community of web3 builders, mentors, and investors.
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