Meet our partners: Franklin

Modern Payroll for a Remote, AI-Enhanced, & Web3-Savvy World


In an era where traditional finance meets innovation, the search for a bridge between the two is ever more pressing. As the world swiftly shifts towards web3, crypto, AI, and creator economy, all underlined with the dynamism of remote work, it’s high time to present you with a partnership to address your modern payroll needs.

The Future of Payroll: Franklin

Franklin shines bright as a unique hybrid system, proficiently handling both cash and crypto payouts. Designed to cater to diverse team needs, Franklin not only facilitates automated payments in fiat and ERC20 tokens but also blends them according to individual preferences. What truly sets them apart, however, is their meticulous attention to tax compliance - Franklin handles federal, state, and local taxes for U.S. employers. 

Their services encapsulate:

  • Local, State, and Federal Withholdings Management
  • Year-end W2 and 1099 Issuance
  • Customizable Payouts in Cash, Crypto, or a Blend of Both
  • Support for fiat and ERC20 tokens

And that’s not all: you can use Franklin as an HR management system, make expense reimbursement payments, pay vendors, and more! Look out for health benefits, a 401(k) program, and accounting system integrations. Interested? Feel free to ask the Franklin team directly.

Franklin x Poolside

"The Poolside Accelerator provides a competitive leg up to awesome web3 entrepreneurs as they bring their products to market. We are thrilled to get to support this initiative by helping companies ensure they are prepared to nurture and scale their teams."

Megan Knab - CEO & Co-founder of Franklin

Exclusive Perks for the Poolside Accelerator

As a part of this promising collaboration, Franklin offers a waiver for the first 3 months, and then a generous 25% monthly discount for the subsequent 12. 

How to benefit? Join Poolside Accelerator and redefine your financial operations. Apply for the Poolside Accelerator program at

Discover all that Franklin and our amazing partners have to offer! See the full list here

About Franklin
Franklin is a payroll tool that allows you to pay your workers in cash and crypto in an automated, tax-compliant way. In addition to facilitating payments in USD by connecting to bank accounts, Franklin supports ERC20 tokens. With Franklin, flexible and compliant payroll is just a few clicks away. 
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