Meet Context: The Web3 Data Engine

The web3 way to store, structure and verify real-world data


It’s time to dive deep into one of the three projects from the Poolside web3 accelerator. Today, we present you Context, a platform set to change the game for web3 data storage and management.

Get ready for an in-depth look at all the juicy details that make Context a standout in the web3 space!

Context organizes an online hands-on Farcaster workshop on Wednesday, June 5! Sign up here.

About Context

Context is a document management system built on top of web3 domains. The platform enables you to host any documents directly on-chain. Unlike the available storage platforms of today, you will finally have official ownership of your data, made possible by the blockchain.

Context Protocol guarantees that data access remains secure and transparent, harnessing trust and reliability for everyone. It also guarantees interoperability by providing a framework to coordinate data templates as public goods. 

No more worrying about misinformation, lost data, or complex hashing mechanisms. Context redefines the way we interact with and manage data in the decentralised digital landscape, and beyond.

Hear directly from Context co-founder, Alex Puig:

Context Vision

Context Protocol aims to facilitate the development and implementation of open-source standards and verifiability. It does that by offering a seamless blend of a web2 user experience with the powerful benefits of web3 on-chain storage. The goal is to collaboratively and iteratively create data schemas that empower the global community of builders to access, modify, and store data in an open data-link of the internet. 

AI Integration

In an era where data is the new economy, Context provides a seamless gateway for building curated training datasets. You can integrate Context with AI systems (such as RAG) to train language models using structured and verified data. This capability is invaluable for:

  • Seamless Integration via templates, improving learning accuracy 
  • Semantic Understanding that enables better decision-making
  • Dynamic Data Feed with real-time updates 

Context allows AI models to be trained using structured and verified data. This improves language models and enhances overall AI performance.

Total Brand Control

Thanks to Context, your brand information updates automatically across the web, ensuring accurate data delivery and full brand control, without relying on any third parties to maintain and display the latest information about your brand. 

Real-time marketing updates are propagated across partner platforms in open and direct communication channels with your resellers, removing the need for manual changes. And most of all, this data is verified through a semantic layer. 

Context Core Components 

  1. Documents: Context Documents are files designed to store and organise JSON data. Each Document serves as a repository for specific sets of information, facilitating efficient data management and retrieval.
  2. Templates: Context templates help organise data by providing a standardised layout for storing information. With them, you can easily create, share, and use consistent data structures.
  3. Universal Name Registry: Domains represent verified and curated entities, such as companies, projects, or products. 

Context Team

The Context team is composed of forward-thinking innovators dedicated to transforming the landscape of data management through web3 technologies. Between the two founders, they have +20 years of experience in blockchain, with the majority in data storage and entrepreneurship. 

Context Business Model

TEX Token: A fee is charged for every document updated within Context. The token’s value is directly driven by the community’s engagement and innovation on the protocol. Similar to Ethereum’s model, although ETH is for computation and TEX is for data, increasing utility and ecosystem growth enhances the value.

Context x Oxfam Partnership

Context has just announced an exciting partnership with Oxfam. Oxfam has integrated Context into the JeSAC Project in Burkina Faso and Niger to enhance data credibility and transparency, tackling a variety of complex challenges. Context serves as the foundational solution enabling the JeSAC team to manage the project effectively. They use satellite data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to improve land management and CO₂ sequestration efforts. Oxfam integrated Context Protocol because it seamlessly combines the benefits of web3 storage with a familiar web2 experience for developers, and the blockchain takes care of the rest. 

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🚀 At Poolside, we can’t wait to see how Context develops and be part of their journey. So hop on board as well and join Context, the first decentralized web3 engine that transforms the way you interact with data. Build, innovate, secure and reshape the future of your data today.

🎟️ Build Farcaster Frames with Context!
Context is organising an Online workshop with its founders, Alex Puig and Sergi Fernandez. Feel free to join in for a hands-on workshop of no-code Farcaster Frames deployment with Context. Sign up here.

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