Poolside Web3 Accelerator: Get to Know the Selected 4 Projects in Our Debut Cohort

The Poolside Web3 Accelerator has just picked four amazing projects for our very first cohort!


With over 300 applications and countless interviews, we've handpicked four projects that stood out by their idea, team and market potential.

We're thrilled to announce that our program is springing into action this week, and we're excited to help those projects grow during the next 12 weeks! Gear up for Demo Day, where participants will present their projects to an esteemed panel of investors and industry leaders in late June. Keep an eye on our communications as we unveil projects, one by one, over the upcoming weeks.

Now, let’s meet the four projects:

  • Blockless  - Devtool Infrastructure
    An innovative ZK serverless functions platform that revolutionizes decentralized application development. This groundbreaking technology streamlines the process of creating advanced dApps that span across Web2 and Web3. Built by a team of 8 accomplished engineers, Blockless boasts a track record of launching successful Web3 projects, 2 of which have been listed on Binance. Emerged from the prestigious BNB Chain Incubator, Blockless is poised to redefine the future of dApp development, making it easier and more accessible than ever before.
  • Portals - DeFi Protocol
    A token abstraction platform that enables anyone to easily create and bundle complex DeFi actions into a single transaction. With $2M raised already and the experience of having founded Zapper, Portals is ready for mass adoption.
  • Aether Games - Gaming Transmedia Development Studio
    Aether Games is creating immersive gaming and entertainment experiences for both Web2 and Web3 audiences. By integrating gaming, blockchain, and multimedia content, Aether Games creates a rich and cohesive universe that offers endless possibilities for gamers and investors.
  • Soulbound - Gaming Infrastructure
    A gamer identity and profile platform helps gamers track their progress, in-game achievements, and events across Web3 games. Having recently raised $3.6M, led by a killer team with deep gaming experience, Soulbound opens endless doors to Web3 Gaming.

The Poolside Web3 Accelerator is a 3-month intensive program designed to support and accelerate the development of projects in the decentralized technology space. The selection comes with initial funding of $100,000 and includes mentorship from industry experts, access to a network of advisors and partners, and funding opportunities.

Last week on Poolside Opening Week in Lisbon, Yan Ketelers, Poolside CMO, shared our vision and plans for Poolside Accelerator and Hub, and its mission to foster a thriving community of Web3 enthusiasts, founders, builders, mentors and investors as well as highlight the projects selected and enrolled in the first cohort. Thank you to everyone who joined us! 🤲

About Poolside

Poolside is an ecosystem designed exclusively for Web3 builders. With its suite of services and expert resources, Poolside helps Web3 projects make a splash in the rapidly evolving world of Web3. In addition to being a physical hub at the heart of the Web3 district in Lisbon, Poolside also hosts a remote accelerator program that takes selected projects from ideation to market launch, while providing initial funding of up to $100,000. The Poolside ecosystem is rapidly expanding with key partners and a growing community of Web3 builders, mentors, and investors.

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