Meet Cookie3: MarketingFi Protocol and AI Data Layer

​The off- and on-chain analytics for the most effective and fair web3 marketing 


Meet one of the three projects from the Poolside web3 accelerator’s second edition! 

Cookie3 is a MarketingFi protocol set to unlock fair value exchange in the $650B digital marketing industry. Their AI data layer helps train the LLMs (Large Language Models) with every on-chain transaction!

In this article, you will learn more about the mission, products, successes to date, and future roadmap of Cookie3.

$COOKIE TGE is coming on Thursday, June 13! $COOKIE token, issued by Cookie DAO, powers the Cookie Ecosystem, built by the Cookie DAO and Cookie3. More details here.

About Cookie3

The first open MarketingFi economy shared between users, creators, and businesses.

Cookie3 is a MarketingFi web3 protocol providing an extensive marketing toolkit for web3-native AI-aided analytics, both on- and off-chain. 

Cookie3 is part of a broader Cookie Ecosystem, comprising:
🍪 Cookie3, the web3 protocol providing the AI and analytics technology;
🍪 Cookie DAO, the governance entity behind the $COOKIE token, powering the community of the Cookie Ecosystem. 

The Cookie DAO entered into a partnership with Cookie3, which allowed the $COOKIE token to enter the Cookie Ecosystem and gain further utility from its interaction with the Cookie3 tech.


Web2 marketing is huge - but it’s broken. Currently, the lion's share of marketing revenue is funnelled to major advertising and data companies such as Google, which earned $240 billion from advertising in 2023, and Facebook, with $150 billion. In this world, users and their attention are treated as products, and 95% of marketing budgets are wasted on ineffective marketing that never reaches the right audience.

Cookie3 aims to redistribute the value in marketing the fairer way - the value that currently escapes businesses and communities never to be retrieved by quality users. On the contrary, inefficient advertising actually makes communities and customers pay more since the ‘waste’ must be accounted for in the price of products and services. 

Enter MarketingFi - an AI, Marketing, and DeFi combo, designed to reward creators, users, and businesses for their meaningful contributions


Cookie3 technology incorporates off- and on-chain analytics and AI, allowing businesses to find users who bring quality and drive the project forward.

Their marketing suite currently offers three core products:

🍪 FOR BUSINESSES: Cookie Analytics, akin to Google Analytics for web3;
🍪 FOR CREATORS: Cookie Affiliate tool for custom on-chain affiliate campaigns and FAIR KOL Rounds;
🍪 FOR USERS: Cookie Score, an on-and-off-chain reputation system.

Cookie3 also offers Cookie3 Airdrop Shield, as part of Cookie Analytics, to ensure the tokens distribution reaches the truly engaged and active users. 

AI Integration

Cookie3 uses AI Data Layer to analyse and fetch the most active users to be rewarded. Their AI tooling allows for precise targeting, analysis, and rewards for audiences that bring value back to projects. Behavioural characteristics mapping, sentiment analysis, and AI scoring make it possible to differentiate quality from bots, Sybil attackers, or airdrop hunters. 

Business Model

The Cookie3 business model allows $COOKIE to gather value from all corners of the Cookie3 ecosystem. This includes:

  • SUBSCRIPTION FEES - Cookie3 Analytics users pay a monthly subscription fee for access to Cookie3 analytics. A subscription model will also be implemented in other Cookie3 products;
  • SUCCESS FEE - Cookie3 Airdrop Shield users pay a percentage of their ‘saved’ airdrop to Cookie3;
  • COMMISSION - Cookie3 takes a commission on rewards distributed through Cookie3 Affiliate;
  • MANAGEMENT FEES - Cookie3 garters management fees in projects’ native tokens when they conduct FAIR KOL Rounds on Cookie3 Affiliate.

$COOKIE token (issued by Cookie Community DAO) is a utility token within the Cookie ecosystem. $COOKIE holders and stakes are entitled to rewards from various parts of the business model described above.


Cookie3 services have already been tested by a plethora of web3 projects and protocols, leading to impressive stats already before the $COOKIE token public launch. So far:

  • +180 dApps have trusted Cookie3's MarketingFi solutions, including Analytics and Affiliate tools;
  • +18K KOLs have joined Cookie3 Affiliate in less than two weeks from the launch with a total following of +330M;
  • +1B wallets were processed on more than 16 EVM chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Base;
  • +14B transactions have been processed by the Cookie3 Tracking Engine across the chain and used to train LLMs (Large Language Models);
  • 26% of all Ethereum wallets have used dApps that are integrated within the Cookie3 ecosystem.

Cookie3 Team

Experts from Deloitte, AXA, Visa, and Goldman Sachs, with 50+ years combined web3, marketing, and finance experience.

🚀 At Poolside, we can’t wait to see how Cookie3 develops and be part of their journey. You can hop on board too and join the Cookie Ecosystem - the $COOKIE token is set to launch as soon as June 13, 2024! Find all the further information about the $COOKIE launch on the Cookie DAO X account

💡 At the end, why Cookie3 as a name, you may ask? Besides the obvious web3 connotation, Cookie is actually ‘Cookieless’, meaning that their analytics stack doesn't utilise cookies to share unique user data with other providers. This makes them Cookie-free. You will find more information in the Cookie3 Litepaper

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• Cookie3: Website | X | Telegram | Discord | LinkedIn | Blog
• Cookie DAO: Website | X

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