GPT-4: The AI-Powered Tool for Web3 Founders

Instant Prompts to Boost Content, UX, and Business Operations


GPT-4 is no longer a trend. Artificial intelligence is finally yielding the results everyone has anticipated for years, and the outcome is impressive. Today, we’ll show you how it can help you, as a Web3 founder, build a brand, product, or service.

Marketing prompts

Cloud-based collaboration and project management tool, ClickUp, has compiled an impressive list of 165 free marketing prompts. They are categorised in copywriting, email, blog, influencer, YouTube ad scripts, Facebook ad copy, Twitter thread ideas, Instagram story ideas, cold DM ideas, cold email ideas and YouTube video ideas. Here are a couple of examples:

CTAs that convert:

Crafting the ideal CTA is a lost art. Every Call To Action ever written aims to urge the reader to take action and essentially convert into a paying customer, a follower, or a subscriber. Here is a prompt to give you a head start in your efforts.

“Give me a few CTA (call to action) ideas for my new product. Make sure they are eye-catching, short and friendly. Must emphasize "value" over "action". Product: [Insert product].”

Email copywriting prompt:

“I need a [type of email], that will convince my [ideal customer persona] to purchase my [product/service] by highlighting its unique benefits and addressing any potential objections."

Then there is the highly time-consuming, ever-changing field of SEO.

SEO prompt: How do you get your project to rank high in search results? Here are some prompts to help you expedite these processes and save your marketing budget from expensive SEO tools.

Consider our current SEO strategy and competitor analysis, and suggest five keywords we should target in our [blog/website] content to increase our ranking for [target audience].
Provide a list of 10 long-tail keywords related to our [product/service] that we should optimize for, and suggest how we can incorporate them into our content strategy.
Please generate a product description for our new [product] that highlights its unique features and benefits and speaks directly to [ideal customer persona].
Suggest improvements to our current product descriptions for [product category], taking into account competitor analysis and SEO keywords.


Filing taxes is a necessity many business founder dread, and for a good reason. It can be time-consuming, detail-orientated and draining. This 90 seconds video shows how GPT-4 can help you make that process much smoother. Even if you submit the taxes yourself, you now know what to expect from your accountants.

Write code

When it comes to writing code, GPT-4's ability to understand the principles that drive the design behind complex systems is truly impressive.

In this example, a user dropped an Ethereum contract into GPT-4. It quickly identified several security holes and surface areas where the contract could be exploited.

The possibilities are endless. Can you fathom how much time, effort and money you would save when trying to code for MVPs?

Build games

What if we told you that GPT-4 built the game of Pong in under 60 seconds? What about recreating the Snake game? The platform can write code and efficiently produce games in seconds. The upside and potential are crazy. Even though it wouldn’t build your product, you can leverage these capabilities for marketing or community initiatives.

Extract value from long texts

Time is of the essence when building and running a Web3 project. While reading books, resources, research papers, and long blog posts would be great, fitting into a tight schedule is challenging. With GPT-4, you can get the essence of long pieces of text. It can give you value in digestible bullet points.

In this example, a lecturer for the University of Southern Denmark gave the platform the task of pointing out points in a Moretti essay may an undergraduate student find difficult. The results are impressive.

Final thoughts

By leveraging GPT-4's natural language processing capabilities, Web3 projects can benefit from:

  • enhanced content generation
  • optimized user experiences
  • advanced community management
  • efficient business operations
  • tailored education and training
  • innovative product development

The possibilities are endless with GPT-4. Don't miss out on the opportunity to lead the charge in redefining the future of the internet.

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