Aether Games Secures The Wheel of Time Partnership Ahead of their $AEG Token Sale on Polkastarter

The hottest transmedia development studio in web3 is set to release their token in Q1, 2024, marking the first Private Token Sale and IDO combo on Polkastarter


Get ready for an exhilarating ride, Poolsiders!

A year of relentless dedication since joining the Poolside Accelerator and six months after their sensational Demo Day pitch, the moment we've all been waiting for is here.

Aether Games is set to launch their $AEG token on Polkastarter in both Public and Private Sales, fuelled by some game-changing developments.

Aether Games Token Sales on Polkastarter:

Now, let's unravel the epic journey that has brought Aether Games to this awesome juncture.

The leading transmedia studio bridging web2 and web3 gaming

Aether Games surpasses conventional game development boundaries, embracing a uniquely holistic approach to entertainment. As a pioneering transmedia development studio, they are crafting immersive gaming and entertainment experiences for both web2 and web3 audiences via Aether Trading Card Game and Aether Saga — their fully cinematic CGI dark fantasy series In the world of Aether.

Not only has this unstoppable team raised an impressive $11M from web3 giants like P2 Ventures, Merit Circle, Spyre Capital, Magic Eden, and Ultra, but they've also inked an unimaginable deal with Wheel of Time, the iconic American high fantasy TV series.

Groundbreaking Milestone: The Wheel Of Time Partnership

The Wheel of Time partnership catapults Aether Games into the first-ever enabled entertainment franchise, embedded within “Cards of Eternity: Wheel of Time,” a digital card game set in Robert Jordan’s fantastical universe. Learn more about this groundbreaking collaboration here.

Such colossal partnerships don't materialize out of thin air. The magnitude of a brand like The Wheel of Time demands meticulous due diligence, and this milestone stands as a resounding testament to Aether Games, their exceptional team, and, most importantly, their unwavering supporters - both present and future.

The team boasts an awe-inspiring track record, having worked on projects like Hearthstone, Love, Death & Robots, Legends of Runeterra, God of War, and more. With a collective portfolio of over 500 titles, their unparalleled skill set places them head and shoulders above the competition.

Poolside x Aether Games

CEO Jens Peeters, a gaming maestro with a history of success in Esports and as the world's top-ranked World of Warcraft player, exemplifies how to navigate this dynamic and ever-evolving arena. In his words, "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it." It takes courage, foresight, and, of course, impeccable risk management.

Pooling our combined efforts with Jens for over a year, we can attest that commitment, resilience, and an unwavering passion for their craft, form the perfect recipe for entrepreneurial success. At Poolside, we select projects where personal engagement and steadfast support can make a significant impact.

As Jens himself acknowledges, “Poolside's support in connecting us with the right people and showcasing our work has been a game-changer. They have an incredible edge for understanding what we do and finding the best way to present it to the world. This opened doors to partnerships we hadn't even considered.”

Hats off to Aether Games for their continuous innovation, and a heartfelt thank you to their ever-expanding community of supporters. The journey has just begun, and the best is undoubtedly yet to come!

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